A pair of Reverse Glass Paintings : Krishna

Rs. 36,000
A pair of Reverse Glass Paintings : Krishna: Kathiyawaar : c. 1930

These reverse glass paintings are a pair and are mirror image illustrations of Lord Krishna. This type of painting is typically placed near children’s cots or in bedrooms. Krishna is known as the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu and is the God of compassion, protection, tenderness, and love. In this pair, he is depicted as an infant playing his flute, seated in a lavish chair decorated with gold, jewels, and engraved peacocks. Krishna was a notorious child and this mischievous nature is captured beautifully by the artist with a slight smirk on his face. Whenever Krishna would play the flute, all the gopis or women in the village would gather to dance to his music. The peacocks carved in the chair represent the diversity of humankind and Krishna’s love for all human beings. Krishna is synonymous with peacocks and is often depicted around them or wearing their feathers.

This is a set of 2.
Dimensions : 16" x 11"

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