RARE India is a collection of some of the finest boutique hotels with its heart set around conscious luxury travel – palace stays, wildlife lodges, homestays and retreats of the sub-continent. We believe that ‘conscious luxury travel’ is present perfect and future ready. Our community is an inclusive list of experiential hotels and hospitality concepts with a quality and style quotient that appeal to the world traveller, they believe in working with the community while being personal and high on service. RARE hotels are often set away from the repetitive and regular routes, aspire to tread softly on the land they are set in and preserve the innocence of the destination through retaining heritage, restoring its environment and upholding it’s culture. 

In short, you have a ‘RARE’ collection of hotels and concepts that offer the perfect immersive experience tailormade for the evolved traveller. 

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Website: www.rareindia.com


Mayank Anand Architecture & Interiors (MA:AI) is a design firm that creates experiential architectural spaces. Each space is executed as a functional work of art. 


We have a sustainable approach that aims to reduce the carbon footprint by utilising local resources, refurbished lumbar, and natural materials wherever possible. We make mindful choices to maximise the utility and aesthetic appeal of the spaces we create transforming them from ordinary to exquisite. 


At MA:AI, we are passionate about honouring the region of each project by designing spaces that are cohesive with the architectural language of the area. The intention is to create magical spaces through visual art and repurposed architectural elements. These components and their unconventional use encourage people that use the space to reimagine the use of daily objects and their interactions with them, thus creating room for an engaging dialogue that asks them to look beyond what is familiar.


Website : maaidesignatelier.com