Core Team Members


Nikhil Kanabar


He is the head of finance, logistics, and operations. He also manages the production team along with Mushtaq and assists in the management of the Circa Store in Anjuna, Goa.


Mushtaq Ahmad


He is the manager of our Karkhana in Madh Island, Mumbai. He also assists Nikhil with logistics and operations from time to time.



Santoshi Kamanna Tukanna
She works as the office admin, manages the daily accounts, and maintains official records. 




Nandita Adiga

She is the head of branding, marketing, and communications. She also is part of the merchandising team and assists in the management of the Circa Store in Anjuna, Goa.



Founding Members


Mayank Anand

He is the creative director and is the mind behind all the wonderful pieces you see at Circa. He is passionate about restoring, repurposing, reclaiming, and refurbishing. He is also an accomplished fashion designer, author, artist, interior designer, and curator. 



Savita Suri

She shares a passion for Indian heritage and handicraft with Mayank and together they founded Circa. A creative person with exquisite taste, she heads strategy, and investor relations. She specialises in internationalisation, strategy and cross border businesses. 



Shraddha Nigam

She is the COO at Circa and has a great eye for aesthetics. She is also the CEO of the fashion label MASN and the interior and architectural design firm MA:AI. She is an accomplished actor and well known for her work in the film industry.


Namrata Wadhawan

She is our legal aid. A practical and headstrong individual and a vital part of our team at Circa Warehouse.