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Phulkari : Undivided Punjab : c. 1920

This piece is from Peshawar, from the pre-partition era, and dates to the early 1920s. It is embroidered with silk floss on a ‘khaddar’ ground. This particular ground is dyed with madder to a deep reddish brown.

Phulkaris are created by skilled weavers who create their designs inversely using darning stitches over counted threads.

A phulkari is a treasured family heirloom for Punjabis. It is passed down from generation to generation. The women of the house embroider them together, during winter. Once complete, it is given to the daughters of the house to carry to their marital homes. At the time of the wedding, the bride walks to the Guru Granth Sahib under the shade of the Phulkari held up by the men in the family.

This piece was acquired from a family that migrated to India during the partition, in 1947. It came from their grandmother as part of her dowry. This is one of the precious few things they carried with them during the separation.

Dimensions : 44" x 60"

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