Islamic Calligraphy Mirrors (set of 4)

Rs. 360,000
Islamic Calligraphy Mirror : Gujrat : C 1920

Calligraphy is a highly regarded fundamental element of Islamic art. Aside from the aesthetic value it is often considered a Talisman, intended for protection. Calligraphy writing is used as an ornament to help elicit spiritual energy and help the individual feel closer to the Divine.

These Islamic calligraphy mirrors come from an old Bohra household in Gujarat. Dawoodi Bohras are a sub-sect of Shia Islam residing in Gujarat and Mumbai. Islamic religions do not participate in idol worship. These mirrors have duas on them with an image of a flower pot obstructing the view of the face symbolising how the almighty lives in nature and within us. It is inscribed with the names of Prophet Muhammad, his wife Fatima, and his sons Hassan and Husain.
This installation is a set of 4 mirrors
Dimensions : 37.5" x 17.5" x 1" each

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