Circa : Raîson D’étre

When you’ve grown up surrounded by art, artefacts & handcrafted products from all over the world then what is the most logical career path to take in order to create awareness for India’s rich cultural heritage and its myriad art forms? 

From a young age, we were taught about the significance of these artefacts, how rare and precious they are, and how important it is that they are nurtured and protected. The next step became obvious; source them, restore them, and make them available to all the art lovers in the world. Aficionados or not, Indian art piques the curiosity of people from all walks of life; one or the other handcrafted form will appeal to the people that come across it.

A chance encounter and a flash of intuition led our grandfather to switch businesses from the export of sporting goods to Indian handicrafts. Being one of the pioneers in this industry meant everyone at home - mostly our parents' generation - had to jump in running and learn on the fly which resulted in a lot of information for us to absorb…

As we grew up, we learned to distinguish between a phad, a paatchitra and a picchwai, and explored the art of creating glass bangles. Moseying around the packing department of our family’s concern was what constituted our lazy sultry Delhi summer holidays. 

Eager to learn, we were willing to do so from any source - our fathers, uncles, merchandisers, foreman, packers, even our elder cousins who probably knew as little as us. There was no structure to this education. We just lived and breathed it with the rest of the family. 

Since curiosity and enthusiasm were inherent it was inevitable that the knowledge followed. Once these amalgamated they gave birth to a love affair with the old, the vintage and the antique. 

This journey is the impetus that turned our passion, zeal and enthusiasm into a venture which we now call Circa - Latin for describing date approximation. 

At Circa, we mindfully source, meticulously study and lovingly restore artefacts and antiques. Our intention is to restore each piece of history with integrity by honouring the journey it's been through. 

Our collection of artefacts is offered under three categories: architectural elements, decor, and furniture.

We are proud to present our currently modest treasure trove to the world. Come delve into this cornucopia and partake of our offerings or browse till you find something that strikes a chord in your heart…

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