Victory Procession Phad Painting

Rs. 51,000
Victory Procession Phad Painting : Rajasthan : c. 1980

A visual representation of Indian history, Phad is a scroll painting depicting religious stories of gods and deities. Originating in Shahpura, Rajasthan, this 700- year old art form has successfully documented Indian art and folklore for centuries. They are part of storytelling traditions from the Rabari tribe who would sing and perform tales of their deities using the Phad as a backdrop. It is made on a handwoven coarse cotton cloth and painted with natural dyes.

This Phad painting depicts a scene of a victory procession for a king who is returning to his kingdom. It is a symbol of prosperity and is auspicious. We, at Circa, honour our rich Indian history and endeavor to preserve this dying art. This piece was acquired from a troop of performing Gypsies.

Dimensions : 23" x 37"

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