Chinese Portuguese Urn

Rs. 44,000
Chinese Portuguese Urm : Konkan Coast : c. 1920

This beautiful piece of earthenware is a Chinese Portuguese Urn used as a storage jar. It is also called a Martaban. During the Indo-Sino trade, the need for martaban or storage jars to store wine, spices, oil, water, etc became essential in a sea voyage. Following the conquest of Malacca by the Portuguese, a factory was set up, where martaban jars were imported for trade.

The Chinese influence is visible by way of a dragon carved on the jar. In China, the dragon is yang, symbolizing the male element of the cosmic forces of yin and yang. Many jars are decorated with dragons as a symbol of prestige.

This Urn was used to store wine. It is covered with a deep brown glaze and the unglazed part at the bottom was buried underground during the fermentation process. The stain inside the Urn marks the line of the wine.

Dimensions : 25" x 20" x 20"

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