A Pair of Marble Architectural Remnants

Rs. 77,000
Marble Architectural Remnants : Rajputana : c. 1920

Elephants are mythical creatures, they have greatly influenced Indian culture and mythology. They are considered symbols of prosperity, protection and strength. This artefact belongs to the state of Rajasthan and is a small part of it’s culture and art.

In Rajasthan, you will find Jain remnants, places and structures built in the Chalukya Style i.e. common to the southern part of India and The Māru - Gurjara or the Solanki style common to the Western part of Gujrat.

Within this artefact there is an essence of multiculturalism, merging the evolution of architecture with familiarity. These remnants stood in strength to protect the people of the vicinity on either side of the entrance or ‘darwaza’ or more majestic stepping pedestal or ‘chaukhat’, complimenting its serene beauty.
This is a set of 2
Dimensions : 18" x 14" each

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